Hers's the List of top 6 Electric Mopeds with their price

It is well said that every fashion comes back in the long run, and this is true in every Sector.

Mopeds have great memories for people in 90s and are still considered a luxury after 2000.

Mopeds have craze due to their ease to drive, less maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. 

But EVs are soon going to take over mainstream vehicles, and e mopeds are great in performance: here is List

1. PURE EV ETrance Electric Moped

PRICE: - ₹76,999.00

2. Okinawa DUAL 55AH

Price: - ₹82,995.00 

3. Detel Easy Plus

Price: - Rs. 46,999.00


Price: - Rs. 84,999.00

5. Gemopai Miso Electric Moped

Price: - Rs.44,000

6. eBikeGo MUVI Electric Moped (Upcoming)

Price: - around 85 thousand to 1 lakhs.

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