Rivian Burns Lot More Cash In The Process of Delivering Lot More EV In Q2 

Although scaling up manufacturing is extremely difficult, Rivian is now doing it. 

It more than tripled output in the second quarter after only producing 1,227 automobiles in the first. 

The producer of electric trucks, SUVs, and delivery vans has also come under fire for how much money it is spending.

Operating costs for Rivian reached more than $1 billion in the first quarter. 

Analysts will be eagerly observing the release of the company's Q2 earnings report because that represents a more than doubling of the $410 million it spent during the same time period last year

In order to attain its goal of 25,000 customers, the corporation must spend more money now in the hopes that it will save much more afterward.

unit production goal this year. “Massive operating costs in the second quarter, stemming from advanced product development activities, are likely to have dented margins,” Zacks said.

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