India have only 1% of global cars but road accident deaths in India 11% [1.5 lakh deaths last year] which highest in world previous year.  

World health organization has said that wearing seat belt can reduce accident deaths to 25% and serious injury to 50%. 

After death of Cyrus Mistry this debate about careless ness of peoples in wearing seat belt started once again. 

Sharing a video of himself Nitin Gadkari ji Said that 'People think back-seaters don't need belt'. but that's not true. 

He also informed that the safety alarms that only beep when the front seater don't wear the seat belts, will now be do the same for rare seat passengers as well. 

Adding this he said that Fine/penalty will be imposed even rear seater don't wear seal belt. this change in laws will happen soon. 

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