Investing for a secure future is always considered a good habit And investing in the technology of the future is like investing in a gold mine. 

EVS is also an emerging technology with one of the best futures Here is the list of top EV companies and their share price:-

#1 Tata Motors Ltd

Market cap: - 1.65 trillion  Share price: - 227.55 INR 

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Market cap: - Rs 1.57 trillion Share price: - 1,319.15

Market cap: - Rs 565.10 billion Share price: - 2,840.30

Hero Motor Corp. Ltd.

Maruti Suzuki India

Market cap: - $34.76 Billion. Share price: - 8,950.05

Olectra Greentech

Market cap: - Rs 52.36 billion Share price: - 650.85 INR

Himadari Specialty Chemical Limited

Market cap: - Rs 41.62 billion Share price: - 103.65

Amara Raja Batteries Limited

Market cap: - Rs 87.23 billion Share price: - 539.50

Exide Industries Limited

Market cap: - INR 135.49 billion Share price:- 172.40

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