Total Cost of Conversion from Petrol to Electric Car

Due to recent events, fuel prices are skyrocketing, and daily fuel expenses are getting out of bounds for middle class families.

Now people are looking for alternatives and the best option is to switch to EVs but buying a new EV is not pocket friendly.

A middle way to own an EV is to convert your existing petrol car to an EV. This is possible by replacing some components.

Retrofitting is a method of replacing and modifying parts of a vehicle.

List of Components you need:  1. an electric motor 2. an inverter 3. a transmission controller, 4. an electric battery, 5. battery management system,

Talking about the cost of conversion it depends on many factors like 1. Car model 2. Battery used for conversion 3. cost of other components

The total cost of replacing your car can be around 1-3 Lakh INR.

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