JBM ECOLIFE Electric Bus- E9 & E12

Bus Type  Price in India Range
JBM- Ecolife 9m Rs. 1,23,00,000 to 1,33,00,000 120km
JBM- Ecolife 12m Rs. 1,70,00,000 to 1,80,00,000 150km

The JBM ECOLIFE Electric Bus is offered in 2 different variants- the base model of the ECOLIFE Electric Bus is 9m/FBV and the top variant is 12m/FBV.

And both the JBM ECOLIFE electric buses offer a range of up to 150km on a full charge

JBM Ecolife 12m Electric Bus Price-

JBM- Ecolife (with AC) 1,80,00,000/
JBM- Ecolife (without AC) 1,70,00,000 /-

JBM Ecolife 9m Electric Bus Price-

JBM- Ecolife (with AC) 1,33,00,000/
JBM- Ecolife (without AC) 1,23,00,000/-

ECOLIFE Electric Bus Specifications:

Electric Bus Variants  9m Electric Bus  12m Electric Bus 
Driving range(Mileage ) 120 150
Max speed 75 75
Vehicle Seating Capacity excluding
33 50

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