Olectra k7 Bus (9m)

Driving Range: 200 Km
Top Speed: 70 (With Speed Limiting Device)
Maximum Power 180 kW
Battery Type: Li-ion Phosphate
Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
Price in India  Rs 1 crore (estimated price)

Olectra Greentech Ltd is a pioneer in electric bus manufacturing in India, The Company of offers various electric buses, and here is its well know Olectra k7 bus price, Range, and features details.

Olectra k7 Electric Bus Range, Charging Time, and Top Speed

Range Up to 200 km
Charging Time 2-3 Hours.
Max Speed (km ph) 70 (With Speed Limiting Device)
Acceleration  0-30 (km ph) < 10.5

Olectra k7 Bus Electric Bus Highlights 

  • UBS 2 standard
  • Temperature sensors in the battery
  • Longer range with single charge up to 200 km
  • Battery management system to ensure optimal performance
  • Used in more than 60,000 operational buses worldwide
  • Battery cooling system
  • Fireproof batteries and electric powertrain
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • Automatic fire extinguisher in battery pack
  • Low energy consumption per km enabled by BYD’s in-built motor
  • Electricity leakage sensors for batteries to high tension wires
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